Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Product Review

Last week, I received an exclusive e-mail coupon from Ulta for a free deluxe sample size of the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara! I was thrilled to try this product out ever since I had heard about it. I love the Benefit They’re Real mascara so I figured that the Roller Lash had to be just as good. I was wrong… It’s even better!!!


This mascara is amazing! It is pretty similar to the They’re Real mascara when it comes to length and volume. However, the formula is much lighter! The They’re Real is pretty heavy and works really well for a strong eye make-up look (like a smokey eye). Most of the time I go for a more natural look, and this mascara is great for that. It just makes my natural lashes stand out more. Another thing I LOVE about the Roller Lash is that it removes SO EASILY!!! I was shocked! They’re Real takes ages to work off my eyes, but the Roller Lash comes off just as easily as my eyeshadow does! I am thoroughly impressed with this product! Here is a photo of my eyeball! All I’m wearing in this photo is the Roller Lash mascara (so please ignore my disgusting dark under eyes).


I’m definitely in love with this mascara!

This product releases on February 27th! The full size will be $24, and I’m assuming the travel size will be about $10. I would definitely recommend that you all try this product!

Do you guys like product reviews? Would you like to see more? Is  there anything you’d like to see me review? Leave a comment below!

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