Wantable – January 2015

I found a this-is-too-good-to-be-true deal a few weeks back where I was able to get the Wantable Box for only… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… FIVE DOLLARS!!! If you know subscription boxes, you know that this box runs for $36!!! I just could not let that deal go! So, I signed up immediately for both the Makeup and Intimates box!


Yay! They arrived within a week, which is beyond crazy! So here is what I got:


Let’s start with the makeup, shall we?!

I love the eyeshadow. It’s a beautiful green tinted brown. It works well for everyday wear. I’ve been wearing the complexion powder pretty frequently in place of foundation because it is super light. I had been dying to try Frankie Rose for a while, so I loved seeing the eye pencil in my box. It leaves really crisp, clean lines! The Lord & Berry lipstick pencil is gorgeous! It’s a perfect pale pink and is so creamy! I really loved my box! Overall, the retail of this box would have been $81! Since I only paid $5, I literally feel like I stole these products! Even for $36 the value is pretty darn good! I hadn’t planned to continue a subscription with Wantable, but I think I am for the makeup!


I wasn’t exactly “impressed” with my intimates box, but I also didn’t hate it. I really wish I hadn’t received a shapewear tank because that isn’t something I really need. Also, the bra and undies both weren’t made of the best quality, in my opinion. I definitely think I will be sticking with my Victoria’s Secret. This box would retail for roughly $79. I can’t locate an exact price on the tank. I wasn’t planning to keep this box either, but I posted it to the Wantable app and won a free box for the month of February! So I’ll keep it for now. Maybe I’ll like my next box more!

Wantable is semi-customizable. You’re given a bunch of categories and options and they cater the box to your liking!

All in all, I have to say that the makeup box is fantastic. All four products are high end and definitely worth the price tag of $36. As of right now, I wouldn’t recommend the intimates box, but if you’re looking for something different it may be a good starting point!

Bargain Betty Me


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