Marbles for Polish, mani of the moment!

As we all know, I am really big into nail polish (as seen by my abundance of Julep orders). Along with my Julep addiction, I have a slight addiction to Indie polish. Indies are polishes made my small independent companies. Most of the time, these polishes come from one or two single people who formulate, create, market, and sell their own product straight from their homes. One of my favorite Indie brands is Marbles for Polish!

These two polishes that I will be featuring today are from Marbles for Polish. The one is a OOAK (One of a Kind) and the other is a group custom polish made specifically for the company’s Facebook group, Marbles For Polish and More, called Keepsies.


The polish on the left is the OOAK. It is a multichrome. The color of this polish shifts from a dark blue, to green, to purple, depending on the way the light hits it. The polish on the right is the group custom, Keepsies. It is a gorgeous teal holo! I am loving both so much! (Please ignore the old, gross mani in the picture of the bottles!)

Here is the finished product of my mani! OOAK, with an accent of Keepsies!


I highly recommend that you check out Marbles for Polish! I know for a fact that she has some really amazing collections coming out shortly, and I would hate to see you all miss out!

Link to the Etsy shop is HERE!

Link to the Facebook group is HERE!

Link to the Facebook page is HERE!

Link to her blog is HERE!


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Julep – February 2015 – The Afterglow Collection

Julep’s monthly boxes are always my favorite time of the month. I love getting all the goodies from them!

Julep is a beauty subscription box. For $24.99 a month (or $19.99 for a three-month pre-paid subscription), you’ll receive three full sized products, catered to your beauty profile.

Also, you can click here to receive your first box for 50% off with the code WOW!

The February collection was titled the Afterglow Collection, featuring 10 new polishes, a “special gift” polish from Jane Park, a new eye brightener, glow highlighting powder, a fan brush, and two new lipgloss shades.

Here’s what I got:


I received the “Boho Glam” box (in the small purple box).

As Add-ons I received:

Here are the polishes:


From L to R: Hazel, Brandis, Hartleigh, Ada, Meta trio – Tilda, Bjork, Tyra

Here’s the make-up:


From L to R: Glow Highlighting Powder, Fan brush, Illume Eye Brightener, Blank Canvas face primer

My total for this month was $56. The retail of everything I received is $270!!! The Maven pricing would have been $216. I think that makes $56 an absolute steal!

I love my box yet again. Julep just seems to take all my money these days!

Bargain Betty Me

Julep – January Maven 2015 – The Chrysalis Collection

Julep’s monthly boxes are always my favorite time of the month. I love getting all the goodies from them!

Julep is a beauty subscription box. For $24.99 a month (or $19.99 for a three-month pre-paid subscription), you’ll receive three full sized products, catered to your beauty profile.

Also, you can click here to receive your first box for 50% off with the code WOW!

The January collection was titled The Chrysalis Collection, featuring 9 new polishes, new Luxe Lip Treatments, two new eye glider shades, and two new Orbital eye shadows.

Here’s what I got:


I once again switched from my normal Boho Glam style profile to the January It Girl Profile which included:

  • Janae ($14/ $11.20 Maven Price)
  • Margit ($14/ $11.20 Maven Price)
  • Shelly ($14/ $11.20 Maven Price)

As add-ons I received:

  • Casey ($14/ $11.20 Maven Price)
  • Luna ($14/ $11.20 Maven Price)
  • Holographic Chevron Nail Decals ($3.99)
  • Metamorphic Top Coat in Tyra (freebie for all Mavens who took their box! – currently unavailable for purchase)
  • Glycolic Hand Scrub (freebie for taking three add-ons! – $23/ $18.40 Maven Price)
  • Baby box of Junior Mints!

Here are the polishes:


My total for this month was $41. The retail of everything I received would have been at east $100 (not 100% sure on the full retail value because there isn’t a listing for the Metamorphic topcoats yet!). Even the 20% Maven pricing would have made the box at least $80. That’s at least a 50% savings!

If you want a colorful box that you’ll be excited to get every month I would highly suggest checking Julep out!

Bargain Betty Me

Julep – After Christmas Deals (or Steals???)

Before I begin this blog post, I do have a little story behind it. I had originally decided that after Christmas I wasn’t going to spend money… Specifically money at Julep, since I had spent so much on pre-Christmas sales, Christmas presents, holiday needs, etc. I had this crazy idea that my boyfriend was going to propose to me on Christmas. I know, totally cliche and pretty annoying that I thought that, right? Well, wrong. He completely surprised me. Instead of proposing, I got nothing. Absolutely nothing. Of course I got amazing presents from my family and friends, but to not get anything from him, I was pretty upset. Regardless, he completely blew me away and proposed when the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, which was honestly so much better than a Christmas engagement anyways. I was so upset by my now fiance(!!!) that I ended up breaking the “no-buy” I had placed on myself. I ended up making three separate purchases from Julep… Ooops???!!!

On the 26th, Julep opened up their Savvy Deals section of their website, which discontinued a lot of their holiday sets. I decided to take advantage of it. A very lovely blogger posted in my favorite facebook group (Julep Swap) and put out a bunch of $15 credits that she had received from people using her referral code. I was lucky enough to snag two of those bad boys. All in all, I spent a little over $40 on Julep’s site on the 26th. Here’s what I got!


The first order I placed contained:


Here is the Dancing Lipstick Trio. It is a darker version of the Dashing set. I do love these colors, they’re great for a vampy look. They’re so rich and creamy and they last for a few hours rather than a few minutes like some lipsticks.

After using one of those referral codes, I ended up spending $10 on this order!


The second order I placed contained:

  • Fa La La Nail Polish Trio – From L to R: Charisma, Margot, and Winnie ($30 retail, on sale for $9.99)
  • Confetti Nail Polish Trio – From L to R: Phoebe, Sydney, and Tammi ($30 retail, on sale for $9.99 – out of stock)

I also used a referral code on this order. I got all six polishes for $5!


This is my third (and final) order!

My Savvy Surprise contained – Julep Nail File, Hand and Cuticle Stick ($22 retail), Oxygen Nail Treatment ($18 retail), Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum ($28 retail) – total retail of my surprise was $68.


I absolutely love the Julep Gel Eye Gliders. They’re very similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 eye liners. They’re smooth and blend well. This set had a variety of colors that I wouldn’t normal use (From top to bottom: Gold Champagne Shimmer, Cosmic Black Shimmer, Emerald Shimmer, Sepia Shimmer, and Violet Shimmer) and it included a sharpener!

For this order I spent $26!

All in all, I spent roughly $40 (due to taxes, boo!). However, the retail value of everything I purchased is nearly $300! That’s about 75% off the retail value!

I just love Julep and their sales!

Bargain Betty Me

Julep WOW Factor

Another awesome deal that Julep put out right before Christmas was a collab deal that they did with Good Morning America. Julep has partnered with GMA for several deals, and this deal did not disappoint.

Julep and GMA offered a Go Big Volumizing Mascara, Chatoya, and Rochelle (both polishes) for a whopping $12.50!!! Retail of this box is $40!

Of course I couldn’t settle for just the Wow Factor set. I added on the Dashing lipstick trio as well. This was a set I had my eyes on since their release. I ended up paying $18 for almost $100 worth of product!

1 2

I love these lipsticsk. I have used them repeatedly since receiving them! Absolutely beautiful colors! I’m starting to fall more and more in love with Julep’s makeup!

I also really like the Go Big Mascara. It’s not clumpy or flakey. It’s more of a subtle look, so I wear on those “I don’t feel like putting makeup on” days!

Bargain Betty Me

Julep Build Your Own Box

Back in December, Julep put out a fantastic deal. Six polishes in a gift box for $30. You were able to chose from a variety of different polishes. I ended up making two separate orders. I paid $44 in total for the two boxes and received 12 polishes I had been eyeing! Retail of these boxes would have been $168! I ended up paying about $3.70 per polish.

Here’s what I got:

BYO 12-8 1st

This was my first order. The first photo is off the packaging of the gift box. The second photo is of the polishes. From left to right they are…

Aretha (Aquamarine birthstone for March), Serena (Sapphire birthstone for September), Aislin, Lacey, Tracy, and Joni (Citrine birthstone for November)

BYO 12-8 2nd

Here is my second order! From left to right they are…

Amy, Donna, Kam, Mary Lee, Chatoya, and Nell.

Overall, I just found this to be an unbelievably deal. I was able to buy a lot of polishes that had been on my wishlist for a while. I’m really happy with my purchases!

Bargain Betty Me

Cyber Monday Deals (or Steals???)

Here is the second follow up to my Black Friday/ Cyber Monday guide. These are the two purchases I made on Cyber Monday!


My first purchase was made from Ulta Beauty! I purchased the Lorac Champagne Dreams Eye Shadow Palette for $15, the Smashbox On the Rocks Be Legendary Lipstick Trio for $12, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation for $7.99, and a pack of Ulta’s double tipped cotton swabs for $2.24! I ended up paying $3 out of pocket thanks to gift cards and Ultimate Rewards Points that I had saved up. I also used a $3.50 off $10 coupon. My original subtotal was $38. The retail for these items would have been at least double that. I love the palette and the lipsticks, both LE items for the holidays. I’m very impressed with the performance of both.

CM 12-1

My second purchase was made from Julep! They put out a huge section of sale items with a 50% off code good for those items online. Included in this section were three “Celebration Secret Surprises”. I ordered those three for $16, thanks to the 50% off code. The retail of these 10 polishes is about $140! That means this was a total steal, even if most of these polishes were dupes!

Keep on shopping!

Bargain Betty Me

Black Friday Deals (or steals???)

So, back on November 26th (a.k.a. forever ago!), I posted about the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales I was looking forward to. (Click here to see the post!) I figured I should probably let you guys see what I had actually purchased!


I took advantaged of a deal that Urban Decay was doing for their 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. I love these pencils, they’re really great. Super pigmented and blend really well. The deal was 2 pencils for $20. I ended up purchasing Black Velvet (from the 24/7 Velvet line – as shown above) and Minx. Minx ended up back ordered and I didn’t receive that until about a week before Christmas. I was able to use a discount code on my order as well, so each pencil came out to be about $8. Each pencil by themselves retails for $20!I also received a UD Ultimate Hookup discount card with my order. I have $20 off a single purchase, and I am deliberating what to get! (Probably going with the Naked on the Run!) I saved about $23 on this purchase (and now have $20 to spend)!

BF 11-28

 Next up was an order from good old Julep! I had been dying to buy myself this all new holiday palette from Julep. This is the Sweep – Photogenic Eye Palette! This palette is right up my alley with the beautiful neutrals and mix of mattes and shimmers. I can create (and have created) so many different looks with this already! Julep also had a bunch of $1 polish deals. Select polishes would check out at $1 if you used a certain code. I ended up purchasing Alex, which is that beautiful purple polish shown above. The rest of these polishes were part of the four Black Friday Surprises that I purchased. Finally, the Double Step is a foot treatment that is used for dry, cracked feet, which is definitely something I’ve been dealing with lately. This order cost me $58. Retail of it all would have been about $160.


My last order from Black Friday came from BH Cosmetics! This was the first time purchasing anything from BH Cosmetics so I was excited to receive it. I ordered the Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Palette. Half the reason I bought this palette was because it came in such cute packaging! I actually haven’t used this palette yet so I’m unsure of if I actually like it! I also got a Creme Luxe Lipstick in Foxy Gold. It’s a beautiful brown lipstick. It’s creamy and doesn’t dry your lips. Finally, I purchased a Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in Dake Rose. I actually haven’t tested this one to see if I like it or not. Retail of all three products would have been $37. I paid $17!

All in all, my total spending for Black Friday was $92. I saved well over $100! I love shopping great sales!

Bargain Betty Me

Julep August Goodies

In my last Julep post, I said I was expecting three more Julep packages (I know, I have a problem). I received them earlier this week, but I’ve been so busy and haven’t had time to sit down and take pictures. Finally I got around to it! Here’s the haul, in and out of the boxes!



This was from the August Secret Store, 8/8 Magic 8 Ball mystery sale, and the Shark Week Nail Art Kit. A lot of these are Christmas presents though and sadly not for myself. Although, I have a feeling I’ll end up using them anyways!

Here is my secret store order:


I really only ordered from the secret store because I’ve been keeping an eye on Tatum for a while now for my mom. My mom LOVES greens. She used one recently that stained her nails pretty badly so I decided to find her a green from Julep that she would like. I went to check out and saw that buffer blocks were eligible for pre-order. My previous batch of blocks was getting pretty old and beat up, so I decided to grab a few. I ended up spending only $8 or so on this older. Then I said “Okay, I’m done with Julep for this month!”

Just kidding though… Here’s my 8/8 Magic 8 Ball Order where I got a coupon code for 50% off! 


I went went into this sale and thought, okay! I just want to get the Tada Quick Dry Drops. Clearly that didn’t happen. All of these duos were purchased for about $6! I’m planning on using them as quick Christmas presents for a few of my friends. Here they are in detail: 


This is duo is called Party Girls! It consists of Oscar and Reagan!


This duo is called River Stones and consists of Winter and Mona!


This duo is called Summer Shady and consists of Dahila and Tatiana!


This is duo is called Berry Mojito and consists of Padma and January. I thought Padma was blacker, but it’s actually a purple.


Finally, this is theDenim Duo and consists of Millie and Iona!

So, then I told myself, “no more Julep!”

Then Julep put out a code for $10 off, at the same time they put out a $90 some dollar SharkWeek  set for only $26. Obviously, I had to buy it! 


This is set also came with a Plié wand creativity kit with a stripping and dotting tool, as well as an Oxygen Performance too coat. However, in all of the mix-ups Julep had in the month of August, they ended up it sending my top coat 😦 That was a major reason that I bought it, so I gave Julep a call! The customer service rep was SO nice! She shipped one out to me the next day and gave me 300 Jules (Julep’s rewards program). I’m not gonna complain at all! 

This Shark Week Nail Art Kit consisted of the creativity kit, Oxygen Performance top coat, and the colors Linden, Mona, January, Brigitte, and Jet! 

That was my final Julep purchase for a while. I even decided to skip the September box. The colors didn’t appeal to me 😦 The one that did was Kirby which is a silver glitter. My friend put it as an add-on to her box so I can still get it!

Instead of subscribing to Julep this month, I’m trying other subscription boxes that I will be posting and reviewing as soon as I get them!

If you don’t subscribe to Julep I would strongly suggest it. Beautiful colors, formulas, and sales! 

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