Wantable – January 2015

I found a this-is-too-good-to-be-true deal a few weeks back where I was able to get the Wantable Box for only… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… FIVE DOLLARS!!! If you know subscription boxes, you know that this box runs for $36!!! I just could not let that deal go! So, I signed up immediately for both the Makeup and Intimates box!


Yay! They arrived within a week, which is beyond crazy! So here is what I got:


Let’s start with the makeup, shall we?!

I love the eyeshadow. It’s a beautiful green tinted brown. It works well for everyday wear. I’ve been wearing the complexion powder pretty frequently in place of foundation because it is super light. I had been dying to try Frankie Rose for a while, so I loved seeing the eye pencil in my box. It leaves really crisp, clean lines! The Lord & Berry lipstick pencil is gorgeous! It’s a perfect pale pink and is so creamy! I really loved my box! Overall, the retail of this box would have been $81! Since I only paid $5, I literally feel like I stole these products! Even for $36 the value is pretty darn good! I hadn’t planned to continue a subscription with Wantable, but I think I am for the makeup!


I wasn’t exactly “impressed” with my intimates box, but I also didn’t hate it. I really wish I hadn’t received a shapewear tank because that isn’t something I really need. Also, the bra and undies both weren’t made of the best quality, in my opinion. I definitely think I will be sticking with my Victoria’s Secret. This box would retail for roughly $79. I can’t locate an exact price on the tank. I wasn’t planning to keep this box either, but I posted it to the Wantable app and won a free box for the month of February! So I’ll keep it for now. Maybe I’ll like my next box more!

Wantable is semi-customizable. You’re given a bunch of categories and options and they cater the box to your liking!

All in all, I have to say that the makeup box is fantastic. All four products are high end and definitely worth the price tag of $36. As of right now, I wouldn’t recommend the intimates box, but if you’re looking for something different it may be a good starting point!

Bargain Betty Me


Ipsy Glam Bag – August 2014



Beauty Schooled Edition

My August Ipsy Glame Bag included:

  • You’re the Balm Absolute Lip Balm in grape
  • Dr. Brandt Pores no More pore refiner
  • Ubran Decay Perversion mascara
  • Coastal Scents Forever Blush Sample Due
  • Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil
  • I also received a NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit, which I had redeemed my ipsyPoints for!

I love, love, love, love, love this bag!!!


You’re the Balm Absolute lip balm in Grape

This is the only product I received this month that I didn’t use. I HATE grape flavoring! It makes me feel so sick just smelling it! As soon as I saw the flavoring I instantly passed it along to my sister. She’ll use it and I definitely won’t.

I honestly can’t say if I would or would not recommend this item since I couldn’t even bear to open the lid…


Dr. Brandt Pores no More: Pore Primer

My pores are huge, so this was something very intriguing to me. I decided to try it and I fell in love. It made my face look really smooth under my foundation. Usually my pores stand out. This keeps them hidden well! Plus it’s an all around awesome facial primer.

I would recommend this, although I’m not big on the price tag! You can get it here for $45! I won’t be purchasing because of the price tag, but I’m gonna look for a similar product.



Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I’m a mascara fiend. If I have no other make-up on, I at least need my  mascara! I had been using Lash Domination by Bare Minerals, until I received this bag. Here’s a picture of me, just wearing this mascara (on one eye):


This mascara does make my eyes pop, which is what I look for in a mascara. The one thing I kind of dislike about it though is the brush. It’s kind of too big around. It makes application a little difficult. Also, it’s VERY liquid-y. Of course, I know mascaras are liquid, but this was just a little too wet. I also wore this on one eye and my Lash Domination on the other to compare it. Perversion is much heavier and darker. I couldn’t get a decent picture showing the contrast of the two though. I think that the Perversion one is better for a night time, “I’m going out to a party” kind of look, where the Lash Domination is much better for everyday wear.

I would still recommend this product. You can purchase it here for $22, it includes a deluxe sample of Subversion lash primer.


Coastal Scents Forever Blush Sample Duo

I have never been one to wear blush. I naturally get red in the face a little too easily. But since I received this, I decided to give it a go… And I’ve worn it everyday since! All I do is swipe a little bit with a blush brush on to my cheeks and I’m ready to go! It doesn’t over color my cheeks or make it look unrealistic.

I would recommend this product. You can buy it here for $7.95, and it comes in a variety of shades.


Lord & Berry Silk Kojak Kohl Eye Pencil

I have been searching recently for a really great eye pencil. I love eye linger gels and liquids, but when you want a sleek small line, a pencil is the way to go. This pencil is pretty phenomenal. It goes on sleek and stays on all day. It does rub around, but what eye liner doesn’t? It even stays nicely on the water line! It is so hard to find an eye liner that does! I’m definitely impressed with this product.

I would recommend this product. You can buy it here for here, however there isn’t a listing price because their online store is down.




NYX Cosmetics Bronze Smokey Look Kit Palette

Finally, my awesome freebie for using my IpsyPoints! Pretty sure 1,00 points went towards this! (I joined back in April (I think) and skipped a few months, so that’s not bad!) I was in dire need of a new eye shadow palette so I figured, why not try this one from NYX? I love NYX. Anything and everything NYX is amazing. This palette does not disappoint! It has some shimmer shadows and some matte ones. I’ve worn both and love them. I put eye primer under and use the NYX matte finishing spray and have no problem keeping the color on all day!

I would recommend this product. You can buy it here for $12!

So, out of everything I received this month from Ipsy, the only thing I didn’t like was the lip balm, only because of it’s grape flavoring! That’s an awesome win in my book!

I highly recommend joining Ipsy! For $10 a month you get 5 deluxe sample or full sized products! If you would like to join, just click HERE to use my referral code!

Bargain Betty Me