Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick Collection (Kohl’s Exclusive) Product Review

Before I get back to going through my endless amount of sub boxes, I wanted to post one more product review. This is about the new Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick Collection which is a Kohl’s exclusive. As soon as I saw this collection I was WOWED and I knew that I NEEDED to purchase it immediately. That’s exactly what I did! As soon as I saw the set make its way onto the floor I picked one up and told my Beauty Advisory that I would be purchasing it at the end of my shift!


The gold packaging on the lipstick is limited edition to this set only. This set is valued at $80 but is priced to sell for $35! Individually, these lipsticks cost $16 each.


From Left to Right – Duchess, Seductress, Vixen, Free Spirit, and CEO. They smell exactly like a Mac lipstick. It’s a very vanilla-y scent that I absolutely love.


These are matte finish lipsticks. Some say that they find them drying. I feel like they are comparable to the Mac lipsticks I own. They go on creamy and stay for probably three to four hours before a reapplication is needed. The only color I am not completely in love with is Free Spirirt (the purple) because I feel like it’s a color I can’t really pull off… Although I will still probably wear it!

This Saturday (March 7th) Kohl’s stores will be offering 10% off Prestige beauty items, this set will be included. So make sure you run to your closest Kohl’s to snatch up these beauties!

Bargain Betty Me


Kohl’s Back to School Supply Haul

Yes, another Kohl’s haul, I know, I’m crazy. It’s not my fault I work there and always find awesome deals!!! This is full of nothing but clearance! We had marked down all of our back to school supplies so, I figured I would pick some up for the future! You never know when you’ll need it!


Guess how much I spent??!!??!! $48.52!!!

Here’s what I got:

1) Four 3-packs of no show socks from Apt. 9 and Sonoma – $4.80/each: I wear these socks almost everyday for work. They’re great for my Keds or my moccasins. I got them in a few different colors!

2) Elle Cosmetics bag – $4.00: I bought this to store a few things that I will be shipping as part of a swap via a facebook group!

3) 4-pack of Nail Polish – $2: This is part of the swap as well!

4) Elle 3-pack of mini cosmetic bags – $5.60: I’m saving this for Christmas gifts!

5) 6-pack of Sonoma socks – $2.80: You can ever gave too many socks, am I right?

6) LC by Lauren Conrad jeans – $5.40: Because I can’t shop at Kohl’s and not buy something from LC!!!

7) 3-pack of Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconium earrings – $3.50: I’m always look for inexpensive but not “cheap” studs because I rarely change my earrings.

8) Four packs of filer paper – $0.79/each: This is always necessity and will never go out of style.

9)  Two 10-packs of BIC ball point pens – $0.79/each: I got one pack of black and one of blue!

10) 2-pack of Scotch tape – $2.95: Christmas and wrapping season is coming up!

11) Scotch packing tape – $1.87: Always good to have some handy!

12) Mini DucTape in black with white polka dots – $1.39: Because why not?!

13) Two 5-packs of Sharpie markers – $2.79/each: I love Sharpies.

14) Spiral notebook – $0.55: Why not?

15) Mini post it notes – $2.15: Make it colorful!

16) FiveStar 3-subject college ruled notebook – $4.27: I actually bought this for my boyfriend (because I’m the best girlfriend in the entire world).

17) Apt. 9 black scarf – $2.80: I’ve been searching for a black scarf and found one for 90% off!

Regular price of merchandise = $295.96

Sale price of merchandise = $68.80

What I paid = $48.52

Amount saved = $249.28

This haul was made up of nothing but clearance. All of the school supplies were 60% off retail price, and most of the other items were 90% off! I’d call that a deal! I paid a quarter of the retail price of the items after my discount and other coupon (20% off) was applied! It’s a pretty sweet deal!

Bargain Betty Me

Kohl’s Beauty Haul

So I actually purchased these items like two-three weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted this yet… And because I waited I lost my receipt 😦 So, prices won’t be exact. It’ll all have to be estimates. SO SORRY! Anyways, over labor day weekend, thanks to the lovely ladies in Julep Swap, I found out about an awesome deal through Essie! The deal was if you bought three Essie products, you were to take a photo of your receipt and send it in to receive a free top coat! So, here’s what I got:


I only paid $13 (and change) for all of this stuff!!!

1) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – $6: This a beauty blender sponge to smooth lines of concealer and foundation. My sister has one and raved about hers, so I finally caved and got one!

2) Essie Russian Roulette (red) nail polish – $8.50: I really needed a good red nail polish!

3) Essie Sexy Divide (purple) nail polish – $8.50: Purple for my sister!

4) Essie Butler Please (blue) nail polish – $8.50: Because I couldn’t walk away without a blue polish..!

5) Real Techniques Blush Brush – $9: I needed a new blush brush and I love this brand!

6) Elle Blending Makeup Brush – $5 (give or take): I know this was on clearance, but it does normally retail for $12. I needed a blending brush for mixing eye shadows!

Regular price of merchandise = $52.50

Sale price of merchandise = $45.50

What I paid = $13 (and change)

Amount saved = $40 (give or take!)

SO excited for this amazing deal!!! I had $20 in Kohl’s cash from my last shopping haul! Also, over the holiday weekend Kohl’s had a deal of $10 off a purchase of $25 or more! On top of all that I had my associate discount!

I’ll also be received an Essie top coat in the mail! I’m so incredibly amazed by this haul!

Keep on shopping!

Bargain Betty Me