Starlooks Starbox December 2014

A few months back, I had received a Starlooks eyeliner in one of my Ipsy bags. I absolutely love the liner. I decided to look up Starlooks to see what other products they have… and then it happened. I found it. They have a subscription box! Naturally, being the subscription addict that I am, I signed up immediately. It is called the Starbox and cost is $17.68 per month ($15, plus $2.68 shipping).

Here is what I got in my first month’s box:


First of all, adorable packing!


15 Shade Pro Eye Shadow Palette ($99 value)

When I first opened it up to see this palette, I thought “really? These colors are awful and I’ll never use them!” Boy, I was SO wrong! I absolutely love this palette. The pigmentation is amazing and they wear really well. I received this just in time for Christmas to I used the red and green shadows pretty often! For the retail of this palette to be $99, paying $17 was definitely worth it! They have other palettes that are similar to this one and I definitely wish I could purchase those for $17!

I would highly recommend checking the Starlooks Starbox out!

Bargain Betty Me


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