Like Twice Freebie!

I recently found an awesome website called This is a site where people can sell old, lightly used high end clothing products and accessories, and then customers can purchase them at up to 90% off! The great part about this site is that all you have to do is ship them your items! They handle the listing and picture taking. They list whatever they can sell and whatever can’t be listed is donated to charity.

When I signed up, I used a friend’s referral link to receive a $10 credit (which you will receive as well if you sign up under my referral link provided above and below). I also received a $20 credit for downloading the Twice app for iPhones! Then I was ready to do some shopping.

I was looking into getting myself a new handbag. I had been using the same one since about March, and definitely needed a change. I found this Armani Exchange black satchel and fell in love!


The estimated  retail of this purse (according to Twice) was $68. Twice had listed the purse for $27.95. Shipping was $4.95. I was able to get my hands on a 50% off code which took $13.97 off of the purse. I used my credit from joining and downloading the app to make my final purchase!

I saved at least $68 and got this purse absolutely FREE… YES FREE!!!

When I received it in the mail I was ecstatic. The bag is exactly as shown and described in the listing. I’m very happy with my purchase and love my handbag!

If you would like to join LikeTwice please click HERE and sign up with my referral code so you can receive a $10 credit as well!

Happy shopping!

Bargain Betty Me


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