Kohl’s Back to School Supply Haul

Yes, another Kohl’s haul, I know, I’m crazy. It’s not my fault I work there and always find awesome deals!!! This is full of nothing but clearance! We had marked down all of our back to school supplies so, I figured I would pick some up for the future! You never know when you’ll need it!


Guess how much I spent??!!??!! $48.52!!!

Here’s what I got:

1) Four 3-packs of no show socks from Apt. 9 and Sonoma – $4.80/each: I wear these socks almost everyday for work. They’re great for my Keds or my moccasins. I got them in a few different colors!

2) Elle Cosmetics bag – $4.00: I bought this to store a few things that I will be shipping as part of a swap via a facebook group!

3) 4-pack of Nail Polish – $2: This is part of the swap as well!

4) Elle 3-pack of mini cosmetic bags – $5.60: I’m saving this for Christmas gifts!

5) 6-pack of Sonoma socks – $2.80: You can ever gave too many socks, am I right?

6) LC by Lauren Conrad jeans – $5.40: Because I can’t shop at Kohl’s and not buy something from LC!!!

7) 3-pack of Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconium earrings – $3.50: I’m always look for inexpensive but not “cheap” studs because I rarely change my earrings.

8) Four packs of filer paper – $0.79/each: This is always necessity and will never go out of style.

9)  Two 10-packs of BIC ball point pens – $0.79/each: I got one pack of black and one of blue!

10) 2-pack of Scotch tape – $2.95: Christmas and wrapping season is coming up!

11) Scotch packing tape – $1.87: Always good to have some handy!

12) Mini DucTape in black with white polka dots – $1.39: Because why not?!

13) Two 5-packs of Sharpie markers – $2.79/each: I love Sharpies.

14) Spiral notebook – $0.55: Why not?

15) Mini post it notes – $2.15: Make it colorful!

16) FiveStar 3-subject college ruled notebook – $4.27: I actually bought this for my boyfriend (because I’m the best girlfriend in the entire world).

17) Apt. 9 black scarf – $2.80: I’ve been searching for a black scarf and found one for 90% off!

Regular price of merchandise = $295.96

Sale price of merchandise = $68.80

What I paid = $48.52

Amount saved = $249.28

This haul was made up of nothing but clearance. All of the school supplies were 60% off retail price, and most of the other items were 90% off! I’d call that a deal! I paid a quarter of the retail price of the items after my discount and other coupon (20% off) was applied! It’s a pretty sweet deal!

Bargain Betty Me


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