Mani of the week!

So, I’ve become obsessed with nail polish and am constantly changing my mani… So here’s my newest mani!


It was actually really simple!

1) After cleaning up my previous mani, buffing my nails, etc. I used the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment as a base color (even though it’s a TREATMENT and not supposed to be worn with polish, I love the very subtle color it gives!

2) I had planned on just doing blue tips with an accent nail, but I decided to mix it up! I used a stripping tape that I had received in a polish swap! I decided to leave my ring fingers completely blue and mix the rest up! Stripping tape can be found on!

3) Then I applied the blue polish. It is Rainbow Honey 48mmm. I own the mini version! It’s adorable. This is a discontinued color I bought through my Julep Swap facebook group.

4) I was going to leave it with just the blue, but I.LOVE.SPARKLES! SO I had to add some glitter somehow! I coated my entire nail, both the blue and the base color with Girly Bits Apparition. I personally think it’s a beautiful icy glitter that works amazingly well with the blue! Sadly, this color was retired from Girly Bits.

5) Topped it all off with (several) coats of Julep Oxygen Top Coat!

So, that was my super quick mani of the week! Links to all available items are listed above! Hope you all have had a wonderful week and an even better weekend!

Bargain Betty Me


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