Ulta Steals!

So, I had been reading on one of my nail polish addict facebook (called Julep Swap!) that Ulta was having a big clearance event (especially on nail polish), and since Ulta is basically next door to my place of work… I figured I’d stop in…


Here’s what I got:



I bet you all can’t guess how much I spent…

So, I guess I’ll tell you…


1) Zoya Seraphine nail polish – $4.97: This nail polish retails for $8, and Zoya is a pretty good brand. This is the silvery polish above. I feel like it will be great with a blue under coat for a winter/ snowy mani!

2) Zoya Cassedy nail polish – $4.97: This polish retails for $9. This is a beautiful blue-green-gray holo color. I love this kind of color! I’m so excited to try this! (as pictured on the far left)

3) Zoya Belinda nail polish – $4.97: This polish retails for $8. This is a beautiful deep purple color. I mainly picked this up for my sister because she’s extremely fond of the color purple!

4) Orly Argain Oil Hand Creme (x2) – $4.97: This creme retails for $18! It’s supposed to help make hands soft and to improve the look and dryness of your cuticles. My cuticles are always trashed from working and constantly having my hands in plastic bags and cardboard boxes. I figured I would give this a try for this price!

5) Karina black elastic ball 12CT hair ties – $0.47: Retails for $1.99. This is kind of self explanatory… You can always use hair ties!

6) Essence Nail Art Stickers – $0.99: Reatils for $1.99: I figured these stickers would be cute for accent nails, especially come spring since they’re mostly flowers.

7) Essence Beauty Beats paparprint manicure transfer solution – $0.99: Retails for $1.99. This solution lets paper transfer on to your nails! I’ve seen tons of mani posts of people doing these kinds of things but didn’t know how to do it! This seems super easy! I definitely will be trying this really soon!

Regular price of merchandise = $66.97

Sale price of merchandise = $26.78

What I paid = $12.28

Amount saved = $54.69

First off, CLEARANCE IS LIFE!!! I’m going to stress this over and over and over again that checking the clearance racks is ALWAYS worth it in the end!!! Also, make sure to check blogs/ websites/ Facebook to find the best sales (50% off clearance is a steal!). Finally, coupons! Ulta lets you use coupons on clearance! I had a 20% off coupon that was applied to my purchase! I also earned Ultimate Rewards points! Double the fun!

Keep on shopping!

Bargain Betty Me



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