Just another Kohl’s haul!

Ah, and here we are, yet again, another Kohl’s haul. I promise this should be the last one for a while… Unless I get something crazy good with my kohl’s cash of course… Last weekend was one of our big associate appreciation shopping weekends (we get extra discounts!) So, I couldn’t stop myself from shopping of course!


Awful picture quality, I know, but it works out in the end! So, here’s what I got:

1) Balm Jovi palette by The Balm Cosmetics – $39.50: Kohl’s recently launched a re-vamped beauty department with brands like The Balm, Lorac, and Cargo. These brands are not eligible for discounts. However, associates do get lucky and get a super duper small percentage off. I actually purchased this as a Christmas gift for my sister. (She already knows she’s getting it, I’m still waiting till Christmas to give it to her though!)

2) LC by Lauren Conrad blouse, white with black polka dots – $13.99: As you should all know by now, I LOVE Lauren Conrad. This top was too cute to pass up and at a great price!

3) LC by Lauren Conrad plain white tee with lace – $13.99: Same as above, it’s super cute!

4) Rock & Republic Sweater – $25.60: I love the R&R brand, but it is soooo expensive! However, for what this item is, I felt like it was a fair price (this will also be a Christmas present, so I won’t say much more!)

5) LC By Lauren Conrad cotton leggings in Burgundy – $9.99: I’ve recently become obsessed with burgundy. I don’t even know why honestly, but it is a gorgeous fall color. Almost half of my current closet can go with these leggings. They’re also not see-through, which is ALWAYS a plus to me!

6) LC By Lauren Conrad cream tank top blouse – $4.00: This was a major steal! It’s a dressy tank top that will look amazing under all of the cardigans I have! Since it is becoming fall, I figured it would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

7) Rock & Republic shimmer v-neck tee in green – $3.00: YAY FOR CLEARANCE BARGAINS (That says it all right there!)

8) LC By Lauren Conrad jean vest – $20.99: I have been searching ALL SUMMER LONG for a denim vest. Tons of places had them, but none of them were something I liked. When we brought out the LC ones a few months ago, I fell in love! But the sale price was always like $40. When I saw them on sale for $21 I just HAD to snag one!

9) Keds in black – $44.99: I’m on my feet all day. They hurt. A lot. I needed new shoes. My previous pair were Keds as well. These particular styles have memory foam souls, which makes my feet feel a little less in pain!

10) SO moccasins in black – $19.99: Yes, we’re already putting out our moccasins and boots! Get over it! I can wear moccasins all day, so I figured I’d snag a pair of these too before we sell out of them all in my size.

Regular price of merchandise = $350.50

Sale price of merchandise = $203.04

What I paid = $109.78

Amount saved = $269.03!!!

Against I emphasis this, CLEARANCE IS YOUR FRIEND!!! Use it wisely!!!

On top of all of this, I got $20 in Kohl’s cash to spend!

Also, if you have not already done so, I suggest signing up for Kohl’s e-mail! There’s almost always a 15% off (I swear!) or sign up for their text alerts (found on the same page as the e-mail sign up). Trust me, you won’t regret the savings you’re going to get!

Keep on shopping!

Bargain Betty Me


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