Julep August Goodies

In my last Julep post, I said I was expecting three more Julep packages (I know, I have a problem). I received them earlier this week, but I’ve been so busy and haven’t had time to sit down and take pictures. Finally I got around to it! Here’s the haul, in and out of the boxes!



This was from the August Secret Store, 8/8 Magic 8 Ball mystery sale, and the Shark Week Nail Art Kit. A lot of these are Christmas presents though and sadly not for myself. Although, I have a feeling I’ll end up using them anyways!

Here is my secret store order:


I really only ordered from the secret store because I’ve been keeping an eye on Tatum for a while now for my mom. My mom LOVES greens. She used one recently that stained her nails pretty badly so I decided to find her a green from Julep that she would like. I went to check out and saw that buffer blocks were eligible for pre-order. My previous batch of blocks was getting pretty old and beat up, so I decided to grab a few. I ended up spending only $8 or so on this older. Then I said “Okay, I’m done with Julep for this month!”

Just kidding though… Here’s my 8/8 Magic 8 Ball Order where I got a coupon code for 50% off! 


I went went into this sale and thought, okay! I just want to get the Tada Quick Dry Drops. Clearly that didn’t happen. All of these duos were purchased for about $6! I’m planning on using them as quick Christmas presents for a few of my friends. Here they are in detail: 


This is duo is called Party Girls! It consists of Oscar and Reagan!


This duo is called River Stones and consists of Winter and Mona!


This duo is called Summer Shady and consists of Dahila and Tatiana!


This is duo is called Berry Mojito and consists of Padma and January. I thought Padma was blacker, but it’s actually a purple.


Finally, this is theDenim Duo and consists of Millie and Iona!

So, then I told myself, “no more Julep!”

Then Julep put out a code for $10 off, at the same time they put out a $90 some dollar SharkWeek  set for only $26. Obviously, I had to buy it! 


This is set also came with a Plié wand creativity kit with a stripping and dotting tool, as well as an Oxygen Performance too coat. However, in all of the mix-ups Julep had in the month of August, they ended up it sending my top coat 😦 That was a major reason that I bought it, so I gave Julep a call! The customer service rep was SO nice! She shipped one out to me the next day and gave me 300 Jules (Julep’s rewards program). I’m not gonna complain at all! 

This Shark Week Nail Art Kit consisted of the creativity kit, Oxygen Performance top coat, and the colors Linden, Mona, January, Brigitte, and Jet! 

That was my final Julep purchase for a while. I even decided to skip the September box. The colors didn’t appeal to me 😦 The one that did was Kirby which is a silver glitter. My friend put it as an add-on to her box so I can still get it!

Instead of subscribing to Julep this month, I’m trying other subscription boxes that I will be posting and reviewing as soon as I get them!

If you don’t subscribe to Julep I would strongly suggest it. Beautiful colors, formulas, and sales! 

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