Late night mani

So late last night I decided my nails needed a re-do. They were pretty trashed. Here’s the beautiful creation I came up with!

To complete this look, I did lots of fun stuff. My previous manicure was horrendous. Going back to work after my vacation pretty much destroyed my nails so I had some fixing to do.
Step 1: Remove previous polish. I use pure acetone that my boyfriend’s mom (who is a nail tech) bought for me. It’s like one swipe and (most) polishes are gone!
Step 2: Buffer blocks! They’re like emery boards but each side is a different level of coarse-ness! The coarsest is used to file the actual nail. A softer side is used to polish the actual nail. I’ve grown fond of these and don’t use emery boards anymore. The ones I’m using come from (guess where!) Julep!
Step 3: Wash hands. I use Julep’s Apricot Glycolic hand scrub. It smells heavenly and makes your fingers SOOOO soft! They stay soft for a few days too! I use this every few days. It keeps my cuticles less dry, which happens a lot because of work!
Step 4: Since I’m still awaiting a new base coat to come in the mail, I just started with my first coat of polish (I know I’m a horrible person)! I used Julep’s Brigitte. It’s a white créme polish. I uses two coats.
Step 5: Polka dots! To do this I used my Julep Plié Wand and the dotting tool for it that comes in the creativity kit. This is a long, pencil like brush/ tool/ etc. that makes painting your nails so much easier especially when you’re using detail. Now for the colors. My favorite color is blue and I love glitter, soooo… I used Julep’s Linden, Bailey, and a silver glitter from Julep that the name came off of somehow so I don’t know what it’s called 😦
Step 6: Top coat. I’m also still waiting for my new top coat to come in, so I used Sally Hansen’s Xtreme hard as nails clear coat. I always have one of these handy.
Step 7: Drying. I love, love, love, love, love Julep’s Tada Quick Dry Drops. One drop per nail is all you need and they literally dry instantly! It’s amazing!
Step 8: Cuticle love. I finish every manicure (and most days) with Julep’s (go figure) Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum. It’s an awesome little gel that I coat my nails and cuticle in to keep them from drying and breaking.
Step 9: Instagram! This is self explanatory!

I hope you all enjoyed this mani- how to! I think I linked everything I used, as long as it was available on Julep’s site. What’s your manicure looking like today? I’d love to see it!!!

Bargain Betty Me


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