August Julep Maven Box

I FINALLY received my Julep Maven box in the mail at some point while I was on vacation. This month was difficult to say the least. I have bee a Maven for a year and a half and this is the first month that I’ve had any issues. Luckily for me, I received everything I had ordered, my only issue was a late delivery. Julep is giving anyone with delivery issues 1900 Jules (Jules = Julep points that can be redeemed for future boxes or add-ons). So, here is my August Maven box!


As per my style profile I received the “boho glam” box! In my main box I received:

  • Gel Eye Gliber in Blackest Black (retail price is $16)
  • India (retail price is $14)
  • Waleska (retail price is $14)

As add-ons I received:

  • Oxygen Nail Treatment – 2 pack (retail price is $36)
  • Mystery Polish – I received Kyla (retail price is $14)
  • Bailey (retail price is $14)

Also, for ordering three add-ons, I received a bonus eye primer as a gift (retail price is $22) and a specialty screen cleaner to try and get you to download the Julep app (which is only for iOS currently).


Here are the polishes I received from left to right: India, Waleska, Oxygen Nail Treatment, Kyla, and Bailey.

As always, I’m impressed by the colors and have to say how much I love Julep and being a Julep Maven! All in all, I paid $40 when the original retail cost of this box would have been $130! (Even the Maven price of 20% off everything would have made this box be $104!) The nail polish itself is amazing. I find that my Julep polishes hold on better than any other polishes. Of course I’d never buy them for $14 but by being a Maven I get some AMAZING deals! I have three other boxes that I’m waiting for and will post a review on those three when I have all of them in my hands!

Go to and order your first box today! Use code FREESIZZLE to get your first box free and get three months pre-paid for only $19.99 (That’s four boxes for $60, plus 20% off the entire site AND free shipping!) or pay-as-you-go for $24.99/month, plus free shipping etc.You can cancel at any time!

I definitely suggest joining!

Bargain Betty Me



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