FINALLY – Full mini haul synopsis!

Okay, so as promised, here is my full mini haul overview, yes it took like five days, I’ve been busy getting ready for my vacation!!!

Again, here’s a picture of the entire purchase!


So, let’s start with my first purchase of the afternoon. It was made at my favorite store – Kohl’s of course! I can NEVER get away from that place I swear!


Kohl’s – Here’s what I got:

1) Jenifer Lopez denim shorts – $13.20: I’ve really become addicted to misses jeans/shorts/etc. Juniors are just SO low-rise and seeing as how I’m almost 22 I feel it was best to start getting into looking like a young woman instead of a little teenager. These shorts are perfect! They come just a little below my belly button and they’re also a bit longer in length so everything stays in place without falling out!

2) Apartment 9 linen shorts – $12.00: I almost bought these shorts a few months ago when they were like $25! So finding them for $12 was definitely a steal! Just like the J.Lo shorts they fit right below my belly button and are still long enough to cover everything. Plus they are super light weight so it’ll keep my cool while I’m camping later this week!

3) LC by Lauren Conrad silver flip-flops – $3.99: Again, this was another item that I almost bought a few months ago for $10. So happy I waited! They’re super cute and can be worn with basically anything and everything. I actually wore them out shopping yesterday! They did start to hurt my feet after a while, but for $4, totally worth it!

Regular price of merchandise = $103.99

Sale price of merchandise = $29.19

What I paid = $6.23

Amount saved = $97.76

HOW?! First I had my associate discount, then I had a coupon for 20% off and finally I had Kohl’s cash for $20! Definitely an awesome haul in my opinion!


Ulta – Here’s what I got:

1) NYX butter lipstick in taffy – $5.99: I am IN LOVE with the NYX butter lipsticks. They are pure perfection. I never wore lipstick until my best friend suggested that I try the butter lipsticks by NYX. This was my second color I bought, and yesterday my friend bought me my third! It’s slowly becoming an addiction. I’ll eventually probably make a post dedicated to this heavenly item!

2) Inkahoots hair ties 3-pack – $4.99: I love the hair tie trend where it looks just like a ribbon. I can wear it as more of a “bracelet” to work without looking like a slob with hair ties everywhere. The colors were a pink and purple tye-dye, green, and black. I love these things and probably own five dozen by now. Also, these ended up being on clearance for less than $1! So, definitely a great purchase!

3) NYX waterproof concealer stick in light – $4.99: I don’t have a perfect face with perfect skin so concealer is s must have! I never tried a NYX version before (I’ve been using an ELF concealer stick that I got for like $3 in Target), but I really wanted to try something different which was hopefully better. When I saw it was waterproof I thought it would be perfect for camping or the beach! So far I’ve used it but not in water so I’m not sure how well it is going to work yet, but hey! It’s always worth a shot!

Regular price of merchandise = $15.97

Sale price of merchandise = $11.95

What I paid = $9.04

Amount saved = $6.93

HOW?! Every single time you go in to Ulta, go on their website. There is ALWAYS a $3.50 off of $10 or more for any non-prestige brand make-up. TRY IT! Also, join their rewards program! I heard 8 points on this visit!


Christmas Tree Shop – Here’s what I got:

1) Over the door mirror – $9.99: I really needed a mirror. I now have a blog so I need a good way to take picture of outfits/ staple pieces/ etc. So I bought this mirror. I then walked in to Target and found the sale thing for $6… But that’s another story.

2) Claw hair clips 5-pack – $1.00: I needed new clips for my hair for when I pull it into a half-up, half-down do. I bought these thinking, ‘aw, they can’t be that bad!’. I was wrong. They’re awful. NEVER purchase these! Within a day one of them was already broken! It shattered while I was trying to remove it all over my boyfriend’s floor. He also later stepped on one of the springs, so I definitely hate these things for hurting him!

Regular price of merchandise = $10.99

Sale price of merchandise = n/a

What I paid = $11.76 (darn sales tax!)

Sadly, nothing was on sale and I didn’t have any coupons 😦


Rue 21 – Here’s what I got:

1) Sublimation hoody duster sweater – $19.99: I LOVE this item. It is SO cute. It’s also light weight so it’s even nice to wear during the summer with a pair of shorts or a dress. I plan on wearing it into the fall with leggings though!

2) Tribal sleeveless duster sweater – $16.99: I also LOVE this! I’m not a huge fan of Rue 21 because their clothing is made cheap. I would definitely caution anyone buying something from Rue. However, These two sweaters were too cute to pass up. I’ve been looking for items like this, and I won’t wear them THAT often (jk I totally will!)

Regular price of merchandise = $45.98

Sale price of merchandise = $36.98

What I paid = $18.48

Amount saved = $27.50

How?! Rue was running an extra 50% of the clearance ticket price of select items. Both of these qualified.

Now here’s the overall breakdown for this trip!

Regular price of all items = $176.93

Sale price of all items = $89.11

What I paid for all items = $45.51

Amount saved = $131.42

This was by far one of the most successful shopping trips EVER.

Keep on shopping!

Bargain Betty Me


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