Hopelessly spending money at Kohl’s

So, just so everyone is aware I work at Kohl’s.  Naturally, I want to spend my entire paycheck buying things from Kohl’s that I really don’t need. I used to buy something almost once a week. Now it’s once a month! (Yes, I do have an addiction!) So, last weekend I had a 20% coupon (on top of my associate discount), so I did some shopping!kohls2

In all I only spent $50! Here’s what I got!

1) Cuddleduds v-neck t-shirt in a bright green- $2.60: You can never have enough plain tees!

2) Cuddleduds shorts in gray- $2.40: they’re really comfy to sleep in, but too thin for anything else.

3) Cuddleduds cropped capri leggings in black- $2.80: SUPER see-through so I’m decently sad about it, but I can still sleep in them!

4) Nike memory foam flip-flops in white and blue- $26.99: I got black and white ones in this style at the beginning of the summer and I’ve fallen in love.I’m on my feet eight hours a day (at least) for five days a week. I need to be comfy on my days off! Especially since I’ll be going on vacation shortly.

5) About a Girl cropped top in off-white- $14.99: I love these crop tops. They’re not too short. They’re perfect for wearing with maxi skirts and palazzo/ harem pants!

6) Levi skinny jeans- $4.60: You can always use new jeans! I wore them once so far and I already received tons of compliments (and even more when I tell people I got them for less than $4!)

7) LC by Lauren Conrad little black dress- $14.80:


You never know when you may be in need of a LBD and I LOVE Lauren Conrad’s brand. I buy as much of it as my little paycheck will allow. I’m really thinking of saving this dress for Christmas!

Regular price of merchandise = $254

Sale price of merchandise = $69.18

What I paid =$47.04

Amount saved= $206.96!

Whenever you go shopping make sure you look at the clearance racks. Also, check to see if the store currently has any coupons and if so, if they can be used on clearance items!

Keep on shopping!

Bargain Betty Me


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